East Surrey Hospital check-up shows excellent results

Nurse caring for elderly patient at East Surrey Hospital
Nurse caring for elderly patient at East Surrey Hospital

A healthcare watchdog has declared that East Surrey Hospital is meeting all the essential standards that the government says patients have the right to expect, following an unannounced visit by an inspection team.

The Care Quality Commission visited the Redhill hospital in February and spoke with patients, carers and staff on a number of wards, including the Emergency Department (A&E), Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU), the children’s ward and three wards dedicated to care of the elderly.

The report published on Friday, May 31, highlights that patients felt staff respected their privacy, dignity and independence.

Sally Brittain, deputy Chief Nurse, said: “I’m very pleased that the CQC had such a positive experience during their inspection and found very few areas for improvement.

“Of course we will never be complacent. We must work hard to ensure that we continue to meet and where possible exceed expectations each and every day,” she continued.

“In addition to the CQC’s comments, we also gather our own feedback from patients and their relatives about their experience here, and we use this information on the wards to enhance the experience and outcomes for our patients.”

Patients said they were happy with the care they received and could not criticise the staff or hospital environment.

Patients told the inspectors they felt involved in the decisions relating to their care and treatment.

One person said “staff are all very pleasant”, another said “I was dreading coming into hospital but it’s excellent in here”.

One parent said they had “complete confidence” in the Children’s ward team. They said their child “trusted the doctors and nurses” and “actually looked forward to coming to hospital on most occasions”.

Des Holden, Chief Medical Officer said: “This latest CQC report, along with positive findings from other surveys such as the annual survey of our inpatients, the staff survey and patient feedback on the Patient Opinion website, builds a picture of a hospital delivering excellent services.

“We are a Trust that values feedback about where we can improve, and I’m pleased to say that in the areas where the CQC raised minor concerns we have already taken action.

“The CQC found that the perception is that there are not enough staff of the wards, but they didn’t find any evidence of this. That said, we are working hard to establish the correct number of staff on the wards and empowering the staff in charge of the wards.”

The CQC said that following previous inspections, the hospital had implemented a new care plan template which had been designed to capture information which was intended to support staff to provide individualised, person-centred care.

The CQC is the independent regulator of all health and social care in England.

Its role is to make sure that organisations continue to meet essential quality standards so that they can remain registered to provide health care.

The inspection was part of the CQC’s routine schedule of planned reviews. All NHS hospital trusts in England are inspected by the CQC regularly on an unannounced basis.

The full CQC Report can be found on the CQC’s website