Driver feels ‘like crying’ after bollard collision

A van collided with a bollard in the Carfax
A van collided with a bollard in the Carfax

A van mounted a bollard in Horsham town centre this morning (Thursday) and had to be removed by a motoring assistance vehicle.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue and Sussex Police were present at the scene of the collision just outside Barclays bank on the Carfax, which occurred just before 10.30am.

Driver Jason Shuker, who is from Hertfordshire and is unfamiliar with the area, was not hurt in the incident but admitted he was ‘shaken up’.

He said: “I feel like crying to be honest.

“I have just had a new engine fitted and now I have to get another one - because of something that could have been avoided by having the junction marked.

“There is not much parking here, there is no ‘stop, brake’ sign at the end of the road, the junction is not marked clearly and an accident has occurred.”

The van, which suffered significant damage in the collision, was removed from the bollard at about 12.30pm.

Jason added: “Obviously I am a little gutted because I have come here to do work.

“I am going to be pursuing the matter because I don’t think I was at fault.

“On the plus side the people here are lovely, the lady from the bank offered me a cup of tea.”

A spokesman for West Sussex Fire and Rescue at the scene explained the van’s engine had smashed and six litres of oil had spilled onto the road.

He said that the Fire and Rescue team had managed to contain the hazard of oil on the road and prevent it from contaminating a nearby drain.