Dragons seen in Warninglid

Warninglid Primary School's dragon hunt
Warninglid Primary School's dragon hunt

The children from Warninglid Primary School were hunting dragons in January!

We wanted to do something different after the Christmas holiday and this was a fabulous opportunity. The children heard the story of The Snow Dragon by Vivian French and each class took it in a slightly different direction.

Our intrepid hunters went off in search of clues and found all sorts of things in the school grounds, including suspicious looking scratches on the trees, frozen dragons’ breath and even some dragons’ tears. At one point we even found a giant egg that had hatched… but there was no sign of the baby dragon. As well as having lots of fun, the children have learnt a lot too. We have seen some exciting writing and some very interesting chemical analysis and chromatography (care of Kestrels, our year 5/6 class). Skylarks (years 2,3 &4) have been learning about volcanoes (the natural habitat of fire dragons) and Robins (years R & 1) have investigated the polar regions where the Snow Dragons live.

NB: the children do know that dragons aren’t real but have suspended disbelief for the duration!

Report and picture contributed by Warninglid Primary School.