Double yellow lines ‘to combat bad parking’

“RECKLESS and thoughtless” parking could lead to double yellow lines along Merryfield Drive at the junctions with Guildford Road.

After years of residents and councillors raising safety concerns about parking along the busy school route, the Horsham County Local Committee has made a traffic regulation order a priority for this financial year.

West Sussex county councillor Nigel Dennis (LDem, Horsham Hurst) said plans had been drawn up for double yellow lines from Guildford Road as far as the pond on the east side, with single yellow lines on the west side and double lines at the junctions.

Plans will be advertised so that residents can comment or object and will then be modified, implemented or withdrawn.

Horsham district councillor Christine Costin (LDem, Trafalgar) said: “The residents of numbers 1 to 10 Merryfield Drive have been concerned about the potential for accidents in this area for some time.

“This is a busy school route for several schools, Tanbridge House, Greenway, Trafalgar, Arunside and St John’s. It is also a bus route.

“Thoughtlessly parked vehicles have been regularly causing obstructions that restrict sight lines for other road users and pedestrians.

“Some drivers are so keen to find free parking that they park recklessly, they will flout the law to park too close to road junctions and many do not think twice about elderly pedestrians or youngsters who could be inconvenienced by their vehicle.

“Merryfield Drive has several road junctions leading to other residential streets, the road itself leads to a busy junction with the main Guildford Road where there is very heavy traffic.

“The residents have seen many dangerous situations, time scales attached to the process used by WSCC for reviewing problem areas where highway regulations may need to be changed have been disappointingly long.

“With the support of myself and Nigel Dennis the situation is now being fully reviewed ready to implement suitable TRO restrictions.

“The residents themselves have worked hard to gather evidence to enable a clear case to be made. They are pleased that action is now being taken.”

Dr Dennis said issues of displacement of parking into other roads caused by the restrictions would be looked at.