Don’t send your cat crackers this Christmas

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Cats Protection’s Horsham & District Branch would like to remind owners that the festive period can be quite hazardous to cats. As a result, the charity has developed six top tips to ensure your cat remains safe and happy at Christmas time:

Number 1: Decorations can be dangerous to cats if broken or nibbled by cats, particularly items like glass baubles, tinsel and fairy light cables. If your cat can’t keep his paws off them then it is best to keep him out of the room when you are not with him

Number 2: Noisy parties can be stressful for cats so if you are planning a full house ensure your cat has a safe, quiet room to which he can retreat if he wants to avoid all the fuss. Many cats are startled by the sound of loud bangs so try to keep him out of harm’s way when it comes to pulling crackers, letting off party poppers and so on

Number 3: Holly and mistletoe are potentially toxic to cats so If choosing to have them in your house, position them well away from your cat’s reach. Also, if you receive any plants as Christmas presents, check that they are safe for felines

Number 4: If you are thinking of offering your cat a treat don’t be tempted to give them human chocolate, which is not good for cats. Instead, you can give puss one of the safe-to-eat Christmas cat treats that are available

Number 5: Clearing away Christmas Presents. After opening presents, be sure to completely clear the room of wrapping paper, elastic bands and so on to prevent your cat from nibbling at them

Number 6: If going away at Christmas make plans for your cat well in advance, particularly if you are planning to put him in a cattery.

Report contributed by Cats Protection Horsham & District Branch.