Do you have a private pumping station on your property?

Southern Water is taking over responsibility for the ownership and maintainence of private wastewater pumping stations in the region.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 1:07 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:11 am
An example of a private pumping station
An example of a private pumping station

The change comes into affect on October 1 2016, prompted by Government legislation aimed at resolving ownership issues and ensuring better long-term maintenance for the sewer network.

More information is avaialble at the Southern Water website or call 0330 3030368.

Southern Water has answered some frequently asked questions for people who have a pumping station on their property:

Southern Water will be taking over responsibility for private pumping stations

Why is the transfer taking place?

This adoption is part of new Government legislation aimed at resolving ownership issues and ensuring better long-term maintenance for the sewer network and follows on from the change of responsibility for the maintenance of certain sewer pipes that was introduced in October 1, 2011.

How will this transfer benefit me?

The transfer of ownership to Southern Water will bring peace of mind on maintenance issues. We plan to standardise the equipment on all pumping stations to help ensure efficient operation of the sewer network in the future.

A pumping station

How do I know if my pumping station is eligible for adoption?

For a pumping station to be adopted by Southern Water, it needs to meet certain criteria set out in the legislation. These are detailed below. Non-eligible pumping stations will remain the responsibility of the current owners, and will continue to remain so after October 1, 2016.

The criteria for adoption are set out as follows:

The pumping station must connect with Southern Water’s sewerage network

The pumping station must serve more than one property, or sit outside of the property boundary

The pumping station must not be connected to a private treatment works

The pumping station must have been connected prior to July 2011. Properties connected after this date will be subject to a supplementary transfer (details to be confirmed).

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria, we are happy to assess your pumping station for eligibility. Please contact us to arrange a survey.

Why is Southern Water surveying the private pumping station that serves my property?

We are currently undertaking surveys to help us identify how many pumping stations are in our region, the different types and designs and their operational condition. This is to help us understand what work we may need to do to bring the pumping stations up to a standard, safe and serviceable condition.

When will my pumping station be transferred to Southern Water?

All pumping stations will automatically transfer to Southern Water on October 1, 2016. Where necessary, we are working with current owners to take responsibility ahead of the October transfer to allow us to carry out any maintenance work that is required. Following the transfer, a Southern Water sign will be put on the pumping station.

What work will you carry out on my pumping station?

The condition of the pumping station will determine what work is required. We anticipate that no heavy or highly noisy construction will be required, but we may need to move or increase the size of the electrical control unit and install telemetry equipment so information is sent to Southern Water 24-hours a day to monitor the operation of the pumping station. We will discuss any requirements with the current owner following the survey. Southern Water will cover all costs associated with this work.

I have a problem with my pumping station now – are you able to help?

Until the ownership of the pumping station that serves your property is transferred to

Southern Water, responsibility for the maintenance and repair remains with the current owner.

Who do I contact after it is adopted if there is an issue?

Please contact our 24-hour customer relations department on 0330 3030368, this number will also be displayed on the kiosk following the transfer.

Are there any other sources of information?

More information on the transfer of private pumping stations can be found on the

Southern Water website or call us on 0330 3030368

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