Disused Steyning care home to be replaced by 20 flats

South Downs news
South Downs news

District councillors voted unanimously to approve the demolition of a vacant care home and the erection of 20 flats in its place in a planning meeting held on Tuesday, June 18.

The application, submitted by Saxon Weald, proposes to build affordable housing for older people in Britons Croft, Charlton Street, Steyning.

Saxon Weald’s agent, Harry Groucott, said the development has been a rare example of community involvement with support from the district council and Steyning parish council.

He said: “The existing care home is at the end of its life. There is strong local support and the site can cope with its own car parking demands.”

George Cockman (Ind: Steyning) expressed a concern for the lack of lifts in the plans as the building will be accommodating older people.

The development officer said: “Because there’s only two floors it’s not viable to install a lift, but possibly a stair lift.”

Roger Arthur (UKIP: Chanctonbury) requested the applicant looks into a more cost effective way of using less C02 emissions.

Claire Vickers (Con: Southwater) said: “I’d like to congratulate Saxon Weald on this application. It clearly has support from the community.”

District councillors voted to accept the application.