District council to decide on Henfield development

Village news
Village news

Horsham District Council will be considering an application to develop 102 dwellings in Henfield at the development committee meeting today (September 17).

The planning officer has recommended approval, subject to securing financial contribution to the community, including facilities and transport infrastructure.

Hands off Henfield, a team of residents against the development released a statement that said: “Our intention is to oppose unsustainable developments and those on an inappropriate sites and/or of the wrong type, but we recognise that this village needs and must accept a limited increase in the current number of houses.

“We would like to positively influence where these houses are built and what kind of accommodation they provide, for example: homes for older people which would free up family sized houses.

“In the forthcoming hearing, given that Horsham District Council’s planners are recommending approval of the extension to the time period for development, we plan to argue that the type of houses to be built should meet Henfield’s needs and not those of the developer.”