‘Disgust’ over dead fox near primary school

News. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150807-174836001
News. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150807-174836001

A dead fox left lying on grass by a footpath near a school for four days has left a Horsham resident ‘disgusted.’

Ivan Stanbridge, from Woodgate Close, telephoned Horsham District Council - responsible for disposing of dead animals - when he first spotted the fox in Harwood Road near Kingslea Primary School on Monday.

“I was told that it would be removed within 48 hours,” said Ivan, “but it was still there this morning. I think it’s disgusting.

“The thing was just across the road where the school is and this morning it had started to have maggots on it and it was being pecked at by magpies.”

He said he was concerned for schoolchildren who had to pass the dead animal going to and from school. “It was literally no more than two feet beside the footpath - very visible.”

He said, despite several telephone calls to the district council nothing had been done.

However, a spokeswoman for the council said: “The fox has been removed this morning. The message about the fox was not received by our Hop Oast waste and recycling depot initially due to a power down in both phone and email communications at the depot which unfortunately delayed the council’s response to this situation.

We apologise for any upset and inconvenience caused to the public as a result of this.