Developer labels site ‘ugly’

Setyres business premises in Henfield (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150629-102717008
Setyres business premises in Henfield (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150629-102717008

Despite great opposition from residents, a developer for 11 homes in Henfield said it will transform an ‘ugly’ site into something with a more traditional design.

A leading tyre and auto service supplier, Setyres, in High Street, Henfield has submitted an outline planning application to build 11 homes, one retail shop and redevelop the existing tyre, exhaust and MoT centre.

This is the applicant’s second attempt after it withdrew a previous application to build 14 homes, one shop and relocate the Setyres centre.

“We needed to relocate Setyres, but could not find a suitable location for it,” said planning consultant Richard Raper.

“So this time the new application is for less houses and with Setyres remaining on the site.”

Many residents have flocked to Horsham District Council’s planning portal objecting to the plan, claiming it is an example of over-development, there is lack of parking spaces and will result in the loss of a business, Cloud 9 Valeting, which is currently a tenant on the site.

James Easton, of Meadow Drive, labelled it a ‘ridiculous development’.

He said: “Not only will this ruin the look of the High Street it will also make local businesses suffer.”

Nikole Killick, of North Mead, said she does not want to see the family-run valeting business go.

She said: “Should this proposal go ahead, not only are you going to affect a thriving business but that of other businesses around, i.e. cafés, a supermarket, pubs, gift shops.”

Tiffinny Myatt-Wells said the plan will lead to over-development in the village.

She said: “There is not enough parking for residents and shoppers without another 11 homes. These are likely to have at least two cars each.”

Mr Raper confirmed that Cloud 9 Valeting will go and added that the redevelopment will be an aesthetic improvement on the current site.

“What we have got on site now is ugly, intrusive white commercial buildings and that doesn’t do well for the conservation area, it detracts from it,” Mr Raper said.

The plan is expected to go to Horsham District Council in October.