Developer invites name suggestions for proposed 2,500-home North Horsham development

Aerial image of land north of the A264
Aerial image of land north of the A264
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The developer behind plans for 2,500 homes and a new business park north of Horsham is asking residents to suggest a new name for the proposed development.

Liberty Property Trust has produced a leaflet to update residents in the town on its proposals and is planning to deliver it to 12,000 homes.

In the flyer its managing director Andrew Blevins said that due to the site’s location ‘Chennells Brook’ had been mooted, but he was keen to hear other ideas.

Mr Blevins said: “We would like to select a name that embodies the idea of a new sustainable community for Horsham. The development will provide a state-of-the-art business park, high quality housing, leisure facilities, schooling and health centres.

“There will also be improved transport links, ensuring the community is properly linked to the town, as well as a number of safe crossings over the A264 to open up green spaces that have previously been inaccessible.”

Horsham District Council is currently working on its Local Development Framework, which will set out where and how many houses are built in the district over the next 20 years.

Consultation in its draft housing plan, which included proposals for North Horsham, closed in October, and a report on the responses will be presented at a HDC Full Council meeting on Wednesday December 11.

The flyer says that the new development would see up to 4,000 new jobs for the area through the business park, and proposals would include 40 per cent open space, including a new country park.

Meanwhile the proposed parkway railway station would include a 600-space car park including a ‘kiss and drop’ area to serve those commuting out of town.

Mr Blevins added: “Although there is still some way to go in the planning process, we want the people of Horsham to understand our vision.

“This is a huge opportunity for the area and we want to work with residents and the council to get it right. It’s a ‘game changer’ for Horsham as a new business park, with new local permanent jobs, is included within our proposals.

“Whilst the initial consultation period has closed, it is important to us to keep the lines of communication open.

“We are sending this document to 12,000 households to explain what this development means to Horsham and the benefits that it will bring to existing residents.”

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