Desperate plea to fill foodstore

FOOD stores are running ‘desperately low’ at the Salvation Army as more and more people turn to them for help.

The church has put out an appeal for donations of any kind of food, and also toiletries, to help people who find themselves in dire financial circumstances.

Up to 35 people, including families with small children, are now coming to Hope-In sessions held every Thursday evening.

Captain Ian Woodgate said: “We’re running desperately low. It varies from week to week, but we haven’t been below the 20 mark since before Christmas and some of those are families - good sized families.

“In the week we can three or four people on one day unplanned. It’s getting worse and we’re not putting the word out.

“We’re seeing new faces every week. We may only help some people for a couple of weeks and they’re back on their feet.

“These are sincere genuine situations - people who are losing their jobs and don’t know where to turn. Their whole world crumbles around them and it takes them a while to come to us as well.

“The people who are coming are in genuine need.”

They need tinned food, pasta, rice and fresh food and also shower gel, toothpaste, soap and toothbrushes.

People can take their donations to the Horsham Salvation Army’s centre at Booth Way/Depot Road, Horsham.

For more information call them on 01403 254624.