Dark Star brewery expanding as ale drinkers defy the recession

Dark Star MD Paul Reed
Dark Star MD Paul Reed
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Good news for fans of Dark Star - the Partridge Green brewery has increased its brewing capacity by 50 per cent.

Dark Star, which started out creating pale and hoppy ales like the ever-popular Hophead, now brews a wide range of ales, stouts and porters.

Company MD Paul Reed said they have had to step up their capacity to cope with increasing demand for their wares.

“It’s a great time to be a craft brewer and Sussex is a great county to be based in,” he said.

“I grew up loving the beers from Harveys and King & Barnes, and they set the standard for quality throughout the whole county.

“Our recent expansion will mean that we can start to consider supplying more customers throughout the south east without losing touch with our long standing regulars, some of which have been with us ever since our early days of producing a barrel or two out of the cellar of the Evening Star pub in Brighton.

“It was a hobby then and it remains so now – just a rather bigger train set!”

At the Champion Beer of Britain awards in AUgust 2012, Dark Star became one of a very few brewers to ever be recognised as the best in two different categories.

Their American Pale Ale was best in the Golden Ales class while Festival was best in the Strong Bitters. The American Pale Ale also claimed the bronze award in the Overall Winner category.

Mr Reed said Hophead is Dark Star’s biggest seller, but they choose to defy categorisation by producing a wide, and often extreme, range of beers from their 10.5 per cent Imperial Stout to their latest beer - The Art of Darkness - a 3.5 per cent full-flavoured black beer.

For more information on the Dark Star Brewing Co and upcoming events, visit www.darkstarbrewing.co.uk call (01403) 713085 or follow @darkstarbrewco on Twitter.