Dads join daughters at school for Father’s Day

Farlington pupils with their dads
Farlington pupils with their dads

The fathers of Farlington’s Prep 2 girls enjoyed a fun-packed afternoon of Forest School activities with their daughters on Friday June 17.

The fathers were welcomed into the classroom by their six- and seven-year-olds and Mrs Baker, one of the Prep 2 teachers.

The girls proudly presented their Father’s Day cards and acrostic poems.

The fathers and daughters spent the afternoon working together in Farlington’s beautiful Forest School area - sparking a fire, whittling wood, filling a matchbox with natural objects and undertaking woodland challenges. The afternoon ended with a small picnic of the girls’ marshmallow and fruit kebabs and cheese and pineapple hedgehogs.

Mrs Addison, Prep 2 teacher, said: “The girls loved spending quality time with their fathers and working with them in the Forest School area, while the fathers gained a real insight into the girls’ Farlington world.

“A great way to celebrate Father’s Day.”