Dads enjoy back to school day at Southwater Junior Academy

Dads at Southwater Junior Academy
Dads at Southwater Junior Academy

At Southwater Junior Academy, Dads flocked to school with their children on Friday 8th November, to get a taste of education today.

Almost two hundred Dads took up the opportunity to see their child in action in the classroom, and responses to the experience were overwhelmingly positive.

The day began with tea and coffee in the school hall, and an introduction by Mr Conway, Headteacher, after which they were fetched by children who took them to their classes. Dads were exposed to drama, literature, poetry and script writing amongst other subjects.

“Has opened my eyes to how much education has changed and improved since my day!” was one comment, and “This brought it home to me that maybe Dads need to have more awareness and involvement, which we don’t always have the chance for”, said another Dad as he left the Academy. Many said that it had encouraged them to partake more in homework activities, and generally become more involved in their child’s education.The initiative has definitely been an incredible success, with most of the enthusiastic Dads hoping that they’ll be invited into school again soon.