‘Cycling scientist’ visits Pennthorpe School

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Pennthorpe School received a science lesson from the ‘cycling scientist’ this week.

Dr Simon Norris, Science teacher at Lancing College, has combined his two passions – science and cycling, in his ‘cycling scientist’ initiative.

This week, he visited Pennthorpe School in Rudgwick, where he talked to Year six pupils about gases, the chemistry of carbon dioxide and the carbon cycle, carbon fibre and composite materials, using the various parts of his bike and his bike tools.

During the afternoon, he explained how an air conditioning unit works, demonstrated how burning fossil fuels can lead to global warming and the pupils made their own composite tubes from common household materials.

Dr Norris cycles to schools in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent, within about a 30 mile radius of Lancing College, to give lessons on the Science of Cycling using his bike as a travelling laboratory.

His lively and interactive talks cover Chemistry, Physics, Maths, IT and environmental issues.

During the sessions, Dr Norris also talks about: cycling in the context of a healthy lifestyle; safe cycling; bicycle maintenance; the Tour de France; Cycling and the Olympics; and Dr Norris’s cycling exploits to date.

The 80km cycling round trip was also used to highlight how sustainable transport can be used to replace journeys normally made by motor vehicles.

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