Cycling 300 miles for K-9 Angels dog charity

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Victoria Eisermann will cycle 300 miles in less than 6 days to raise much needed funds for stray dogs.

Victoria, from Horsham, is a former model and reality TV star, and is now a co founder of the charity K-9 Angels.

The charity was founded by the 3 glamorous media blondes, TV presenter Anneka Tanaka, Singer Pola Pospieszalska and Victoria Eisermann in 2011.

The K-9 Angels help stray dogs around the world has not only re homed 600 dogs in just 2 and half years, funded for shelters, food and medical supplies and they have a huge celebrity following too!

Simon Cowell sends tweets about them and even did a huge shout out on Britain’s Got talent last year.

They have a long list of celebrity followers include Ashleigh and Pudsey, Will Travers OBE, Jilly Johnson and Kevin McNally to name a few.

Victoria who is well known for helping animals has taken part in many PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaigns and cannot wait to start the 300 mile cycle starting in Bristol in June.

All funds raised on the cycle ride will go to help mans best friend. Victoria has 5 dogs of her own and is quite literally dog mad!

The K-9 Angels have a lot in the pipeline this year including a TV show and their own vegan foot wear range.

You can view the charities site here

Victoria says: “Now I’m no athlete that’s for sure! Just watch me in Total wipe out!

“I have a slipped disc too however I WILL cycle the 300 miles no matter what as I’m determined to help as many dogs as possible. My target is to raise a minimum of £ 5000.

“Just one non spayed female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years.

“So with your help we could save at least 67,000 lives per mile.

“It costs just around £16.60 to spay one female (If we raise £5000 - that’s 300 females which will directly prevent around 20,100,000 (yes! you read it correctly over twenty million) lives of needless suffering and pain in 6 years.

“The K-9 Angels team work so hard all year around rescuing and re homing dogs in desperate situations from a life of misery. The enormity of the task can be overwhelming.

“They say prevention is better than cure so all the monies raised from this 350 mile cycle ride will be used to spay and neuter as many dogs as we can.

“We will of course keep you updated on how many dogs have been helped with this programme so you know how your donation is being spent and how many dogs lives you have helped prevent being born in to a life of misery and unnecessary suffering.”