West Sussex offenders can wear voluntary tags

Convicted offenders across West Sussex are being given a chance to wear tags to help stop them from reoffending.

Tuesday, 4th March 2014, 2:19 pm

The trial, which was launched in the division in July, has proved successful.

The tags use the latest technology provided by Buddi, giving a much wider coverage than the usual tagging systems and allows the wearers to live without curfew checks.

The tags, which are entirely voluntary, can be worn for any period of time and provide Sussex Police with live information of the location of wearers which can eliminate them from enquiries into a crime and prevent them being arrested unnecessarily.

Since the initiative started there has been 20 users of the devices, some wearing them for several months.

Toni Pettman, West Sussex Integrated Offender Management (IOM) manager said: “The tags put the emphasis onto the offenders to give them a chance to get their life back on trace and face up to the crimes they have committed in the past.

“As it is voluntary, it encourages better relationships between the offenders, probation and police, often essential in reducing reoffending.

“Ex-offenders are under no obligation to wear the tags but many see the benefits in getting their lives back together without curfew checks and home visits.”