‘We need to halt the current surge in knife crime’

East Street in Horsham town centre was cordoned off after a man was stabbed.
East Street in Horsham town centre was cordoned off after a man was stabbed.

Concerns have been raised over a ‘surge in knife crime’ following two stabbings in Horsham over the weekend.

Police cordoned off East Street after a 25-year-old man was left with serious injuries following an unproved attack in the early hours of Sunday morning.

That same morning a teenager was also left with serious stab wounds after being robbed in Rushams Road.

Councillor Christine Costin (Lib Dem, Trafalgar) expressed her fears over a ‘worrying trend’ in knife crime and called on parents to ‘take control’.

On social media she said: “Knife crime is an extremely worrying trend. There have been several threatening attacks and particular concerns in Horsham recently.

“Whatever it is that makes people, often young people, carry knives is bad news.

“We need to halt the current surge in knife crime. Firstly please take control of your own youngsters if you suspect they carry knives, find out why knives are being carried and warn knife enthusiasts of the consequences of carrying knives.

“Knives in any culture where there are gangs and antisocial elements can lead to armed confrontation resulting in injuries and even death. We know what guns can do and have taken appropriate steps to control them. Carrying knives and solvents is also aggressive and dangerous.

“Society must protect our communities, families and vulnerable people by ensuring that these alarming trends are suitably controlled. Please report any information that you may have about this specific incident to the Police.”

She also praised the emergency services for their work in the town over the past few days.

Dozens of officers along with the bomb squad were called to Southwater on Friday after a suspected explosive device was found in a flat.

Police, firefighters and paramedics were also called to a fatal crash in Barns Green after a car and a train collided at a level crossing.

Mrs Costin added: “We need to praise the police, ambulance service, railway authorities, fire brigade and everyone else who sought to help in these situations.

“Sincere condolences to the family and friends of the grandfather and grandson who were killed on the crossing. It will be hard for the train driver, passengers and all those dealing with the results of the accident.

“I hope that the young men who were stabbed are recovering well after their ordeal and that their attackers will be brought to justice.”