Warning over bogus callers in Horsham


Police have issued a warning over a potential telephone scam after an incident in Horsham.

Reports were received on Wednesday (January 8) of a Forest Road resident having someone knock on their door and offer to fix their blocked drains for £3,000.

After being told that the price was too high, they were later called from a withheld number saying that the price could be reduced to £1,500.

While police admit that this may have been a genuine business, they are advising people to be cautious of these type of callers particularly following the spate of bad weather that has hit Horsham.

PCSO Emma Walsh, of Horsham police, said: “Remember to never let someone into your house unless they are someone you know and trust. Dont’t immediately agree to any offer involving a significant amount of money, time or commitment,

“It is always worth examining and checking their identification.”