Warning after ‘fake’ police car report in Horsham

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Police have issued safety advice after receiving a report of a motorist who believes he was pulled over by a fake police car in Horsham.

The incident took place in King’s Road at around 9pm on Tuesday (September 17).

The motorist claims to have pulled over after seeing two blue lights from a vehicle behind him.

Headlights were flashed indicating the motorist to stop his car.

What the man thought was a police car then pulled up beside him before driving off again.

He reported the incident believing it may have been a fake police vehicle.

Sergeant Bob Trevis, of Horsham police, said: “We will investigate to see if there’s anything we should be concerned about.

“Enquiries will be made to make sure there were no offences.”

He continued: “My advice to the public would be to continue to react as if a police car was stopping them but ensure they take measures to make sure they’re safe.

“If they are concerned it would be routine for the police officer to get out of their vehicle and approach the person they’ve stopped.”