Thieves grab cash in raid on church hall near Horsham

Thieves ransacked an office and snatched cash when they broke into a safe in a church hall near Horsham.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 4:55 pm
St Johnn's Church, Broadbridge Heath SUS-190725-152104001

The burglars targeted the building at St John’s Church in Church Road, Broadbridge Heath, during the night raid on July 15.

Church administrator Sarah Tombling said the thieves had forced open a kitchen window in the hall and smashed open a safe in the office.

“It was completely wrecked,” she said. “They must have used some kind of sledgehammer or wrecking bar.”

But she said the thieves had taken “only a small amount of cash” and had left behind silver communion plates and goblets.

“It’s slightly odd,” she added. “We don’t think they got away with anything much at all. Not anything of great value.

“It appears they were looking for cash because that is the only thing we think they took.”

The hall had been in regular use by community groups during the day of the burglary which took place some time between 10pm on July 15 and 8am the following day.