Southwater man banned from driving as police approach December crackdown

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A man has been banned from the roads for four months, as police prepare for another seasonal crackdown on drink drivers.

Officers have warned that anyone ordered to appear in court on suspicion of drink or drug driving will have their names and details published, following similar campaigns last December and this summer.

Superintendent Jane Derrick, the head of roads policing across Sussex and Surrey, said: “Officers are out every day across Sussex and Surrey targeting those who are driving after drinking or taking drugs but there will be an increased focus in December in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

“There is no excuse for driving while over the limit or after taking drugs but there remains a small minority who refuse to believe that the law applies to them.

“More than 100 motorists who were caught in the campaign at Christmas last year are now banned from the roads.”

Jason Fray, 29, of Rascals Close, Southwater, was arrested at 2.30am on December 20 last year after officers found him parked next to the A29 at Billingshurst and suspected he could have been drug-driving.

Police said Fray failed to complete tasks such as walking in a straight line and standing on one leg, and was arrested.

Fray was convicted of being in charge of a vehicle while unfit through drugs. He was banned from driving for four months and fined £250, with £85 costs and £25 victim surcharge.