‘Shameful’ scenes in Horsham town centre

Police in Horsham
Police in Horsham

A member of the public has spoken about the ‘shameful’ scenes in Horsham yesterday (Sunday March 8) after police were called to deal with reports of antisocial behaviour in the town centre.

Officers attended the incident at around 3.15pm on Sunday after reports of children running around inside shops and businesses and disturbing staff and customers.

A member of the public who contacted the County Times said of what he described as ‘the fracas in West Street’: “Shameful to see such scenes in our town.”

Police said five teenagers aged between 13 and 18 were issued with section 35 notices ordering them to leave the area until at least 11.45pm that evening to prevent members of the public being harassed or a crime being committed.

They added a 12-year-old boy from Slinfold was also arrested on suspicion of obstructing police. He was later released without charge.