Rusper woman warns of phone and computer scam

COMPUTER users have been given fresh warnings from Microsoft and the police against phone phishing scams.

Mrs D. J. Wells, 71, from Lambs Green, Rusper, nearly fell victim to the fraudsters when she received a phone call from someone claiming to work for Microsoft. The caller said that they had been notified by the IT company that her computer had a serious virus on it, they told her to log onto the internet and complete certain tasks.

Mrs Wells said: “I became suspicious when they started asking me all these questions about my computer, so I hung up, but they rung me a further five times becoming very threatening and telling me that I had to do what they asked.”

If Mrs Wells had done as they had said they would have had complete access to her files and web history, taking whatever information they wanted.

She reported the incident to her call provider BT and the police. A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “If you don’t recognise the caller and were not expecting any such contact don’t enter into any such agreements and provide no details. If the calls persist, tell the police or your call provider.”

Stuart Aston, Chief Security Adviser for Microsoft UK said that these types of scams are not new, and they were aware of people claiming to be from the company needing remote access to PCs.

He said: “We would like to remind users of Microsoft software that the company does not keep track of consumers that purchase their software and does not directly contact them for any reason whatsoever.”

He added that people should not trust callers who claim to be from the company needing to access their home computer.

To report such incidents to the police call 0845 60 70 999.