Robber threatened to cut off his victims’ fingers, High Court told

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A robber serving a life sentence has failed in his bid to be given a release date.

Dean Shade, 34, of Turpington Lane, Bromley, was part of a gang which raided businesses across the south east in 2010 and 2011, taking more than £450,000 of computers and other items.

One company, in Sayers Common, was hit four times, the Appeal Court heard last week.

Gang members wore masks and carried weapons including baseball bats, angle grinders and chainsaws, tied up victims by their feet and hands, and would threaten to cut their fingers off if they resisted.

Shade was convicted at Lewes Crown Court in May last year. The judge ruled that he was a dangerous offender, and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

His lawyers asked the Appeal Court to overturn the sentence, and give him one with a guaranteed release date.

Lord Justice McCombe agreed that life sentences should only be for the most serious crimes, but declined to give Shade a release date.

Instead, he imposed a sentence of indefinite imprisonment for public protection, with a ten year tariff - Shade will have to serve at least ten years in prison, and will only be released if and when the Parole Board believe he is no longer a danger to the public.