Protesters block road outside Balcombe Cuadrilla site

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Protesters have again closed a busy main road as exploratory oil drillers begin to pull out of the site at Balcombe.

A van was parked diagonally across the B2036 London Road outside the Cuadrilla site around 11am this morning (Monday September 23) blocking both carriageways.

A woman then locked herself to the top of the van.

Superintendent Lawrence Hobbs said: “This is once again causing significant disruption to the local community at a time when there are increased vehicle movements as the site is being prepared for closure.

“We will clear the road as soon as we safely able to do so, but please be aware that your journey may be delayed and you may need to consider an alternative route.

“That said, if you are trying to gain access to the road either side of the protest site, please speak to officers on the road closures and they will do everything they can to facilitate access if they are able to do so.”

Police have warned that there is likely to be on-going disruption this week as up to 20 vehicle movements a day, necessary to clear the site, have to be escorted in and out by police to reduce the risk of them being delayed even further by protesters.