‘Prison is better than home for these kids’ - your views on how to cut Crawley crime

The Safer Crawley Partnership asked for residents’ views on community safety issues to help shape what it will focus on for the next year.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 11:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 4:40 pm

The partnership is made up of Crawley Borough Council, West Sussex County Council, Sussex Police, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, National Probation Service and Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group.

It has a duty to reduce crime and disorder, substance misuse, anti-social behaviour and reduce reoffending. See full story here:

People voiced their views on our Facebook page.

Your views on how to cut Crawley crime

Gary Mitchell: “It’s not rocket science. Make prisons much cheaper to run. No TVs or other novelties. Make them somewhere where once you get out you’ll do anything to stay out.”

Rhiannon Sharpe: “Prison is better than home for these kids.They have a room, three meals a day,TV, games, mobile phones and comfortable beds, why would they not want to be in there rather than obeying the law away from prison? Time for a sharp shock, I say.”

Janet Gray: “Make all 16-19 year old males be in armed forces to earn discipline and self respect.”

Dan Slim Weston: “Stop picking on the driver as a target, yes, I understand it gets results and minor convictions and makes the books look good but a guy doing 34 in a 30 is not a priority when our police ignore burglaries at an alarming rate. I want to see investigations, not ignoring crimes.”

Angela Frater Blamire: “More police on the beat! Need them to be walking our parade of shops, high street and town moving drug addicts, beggars and alcoholics.”

Loyd Gordon: “Perhaps arrest the criminals instead of keep letting them get away with blatant stuff!

That would be a good move.”

Mike Giddins: “Make people accountable for their actions and not finding excuses for their behaviour.”

Kienan Casey Ullah: “10 years for knife crime. Stop going after drug dealers spend more time focusing on everything else like the car break ins.”

Chris Pittock: “More police officers doing actual police work would help. Currently they’re massively under-resourced. As a result, there seems to be huge amounts of low level and petty crime. At present they have to prioritise serious crimes on a reactionary basis. They have no time or spare capacity to detect and prevent less serious crimes. This has been caused by public spending cuts.”

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