Police warning to free runners using Horsham town’s rooftops

Police are warning young people about the dangers of using Horsham town centre buildings for free running.

Horsham police say they have recently had a major increase in the number of calls about people being seen climbing onto rooftops.

Most of the calls are to Swan Walk or to shops in West Street, but there are also reports of people climbing buildings in other parts of the district.

PCSO Charlie Whittaker said: “There seems to be a growing trend in Horsham town at present with youths running across rooftops in town, particularly West Street, and this can obviously be quite a dangerous activity.

“We are not trying to stop the youths from having fun, however we need them to be aware of the dangers of free running and the consequences that it can pose, such as receiving a serious injury or committing a criminal offence.”

He said youngsters needed to consider their actions, since any damage caused or any other criminal offences committed would be investigated.

Several buildings’ roofs in West Street had been damaged from free runners using them, he said.

Free running, similar to parkour, is an activity which treats the urban landscape as a series of obstacles to be overcome by running, jumping, vaulting and climbing.