Police offering possession marking service

AFTER a spate of thefts from the Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding area, neighbourhood wardens Michael Pearce and Paul Conroy have teamed up with PCSO Louisa Hulll to combat the problem.

Next week they are offering a property marking service to deter thieves.

As part of the service they will visit your property and mark any valuable equipment you may have in your sheds, vehicles or any other outbuildings, using a variety of property marking devices.

PCSO Hull said: “During the winter months, Steyning, Bramber & Upper Beeding parishes suffer from an increase in break-ins to sheds and outbuildings as well as vehicles containing tools.”

It will run from October 17-22, it is free all you have to do is call 01903 813236 or email south.wardens@horsham.gov.uk to arrange a visit.