Mother pays tribute to ‘love of our lives’ following dangerous driving trial

Family pic of Asa Caudill SUS-140917-095206001
Family pic of Asa Caudill SUS-140917-095206001

The mother of a teenager killed in Slinfold in July last year has spoken after a teenager was convicted of dangerous driving.

Brett Hewson, 19, of Coombe Hill, Billingshurst, was acquitted of causing the death by dangerous driving of two other teenagers in a collision on the A264 Five Oaks Road on July 5, 2013. He was convicted of dangerous driving, ordered to pay fines and costs of £250, banned from driving for 12 months and told he must take an extended driving test before regaining his licence.

Asa Caudill, 19, from Billingshurst was the passenger in a Peugeot 206 which collided with a tree killing him and the driver William Richardson, 18, of Slinfold.

Asa’s mum Heather said: “Asa was the love of our lives. We are in the most agonising pain at losing him and cannot bear the thought of a future without him. Everyone has said his smile was what they remember of him most and his humour.

“We respect the jury’s decision at the verdict but feel the sentence given was too lenient for dangerous driving. The court found Hewson wasn’t responsible for Asa’s death but it was only luck that he didn’t kill himself, his occupants or kill another because of his driving that evening. Hewson and Richardson had a choice, Asa did not, Asa is the victim and I deserve an explanation for his death.

“I still miss him so much and if anything it gets worse. There is a huge hole in my life. I would ask my family is now left in peace to grieve.”