Knuckleduster and knife seized in crackdown on drugs and violence in Horsham

A knife, a knuckleduster and a significant amount of drugs have been taken off the Horsham streets as police continue to crackdown on drug dealing and violence.

Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 2:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 1:02 pm

Five people were arrested as officers stepped up patrols in the town centre following a string of violent incidents.

District Commander Miles Ockwell released details of the arrests as he spoke exclusively to the County Times about how officers were combating youth violence in the town. For the interview see: “Young people carrying weapons in Horsham”

Mr Ockwell said police had increased patrols in the wake of an incident at Sainsbury’s last Tuesday.

A woman and a teenager were injured after a fight broke out amongst a group of around eight youths in the car park. It followed another violent incident in the town centre earlier in the month where a group of around 15 teenagers started fighting in the Causeway.

Mr Ockwell said: “Since Tuesday we put additional police resources in Horsham using our prevention team and we have had additional uniformed and plain clothes response in Horsham.

“Within 48 hours of that incident we have made five arrests. We have recovered one knife, a knuckleduster, and a significant amount of drugs. We have also recovered £10,000 in cash and a large amount of stolen property.”

Mr Ockwell added the arrests were not connected with the incident at Sainsbury’s.

It is believed all the confiscated property was connected to county lines drug dealing, an area officers are continuing to battle in the town.