Intruders release Wisborough Green farm park animals in ‘mindless act’

MORE than 30 horses, cows, goats, sheep and pigs were released into the grounds of Fishers Farm after intruders broke in during Friday night (June 10).

It was only thanks to the swift action of one of the farm’s employees that prevented the animals roaming on to the neighbouring roads.

Intruders opened gateways into six paddocks which released the animals, according to a spokesperson for the Wisborough Green park.

Twenty-one year old Belinda Williams - an employee at Fishers - discovered the roaming animals at around 6.30am on Saturday.

She said: “Even the gates that are hard to open were flung wide, over 30 animals of all shapes and sizes were just roaming free, I ran to the main gates and closed them, they could so easily have got onto the roads.”

Tim Rollings, owner of Fishers Farm said: “Belinda was in a terrible state, it is impossible to comprehend the mentality of anyone involved in this incident.

“Nothing appears to have been stolen or vandalised, it was simply a mindless act that could have had horrendous consequences. We are all shocked that anyone would do such a thing.”

The 125 people employed at the park have all been informed of the incident and Tim is hoping that someone will come forward with information.