Horsham Police warn of bogus callers

HORSHAM Police is warning residents not to be fooled by cold callers in the lead up to the analogue and digital TV switch over.

Television is going digital all over the UK and is its biggest change since the introduction of colour.

In 2012 analogue television will be switched off across Meridian TV region.

People without a digital TV by this time will lose their channels.

A BBC-run Switchover Help Scheme has been organised to help older and disabled viewers make the change.

Officers have joined forces with the team to ensure Horsham’s vulnerable do not become victims of bogus callers.

PS Friend, of Horsham Police, said: “Horsham Police has been involved in meetings with the switch over team and are keen to reiterate what they are saying.

“Their installers are all CRIB checked and under no circumstances will cold call, therefore if you have someone saying they are from the company, refuse them entry and either call the numbers above or 999.

“I have seen a picture of the installers uniform, they will be wearing a yellow fluorescent jacket and the ID badge is almost the size of a normal postage envelope, it will have a picture of the installer and will be displaying the logo as below.”

Most eligible people will be asked to pay £40 towards the standard option of help.

The service is free for eligible people on income-related benefits. This includes equipment, an approved installer to supply and install the equipment, and a 12 month aftercare service including a free helpline.

For further information on the Switchover Help Scheme visit helpscheme.co.uk or contact free on 0800 40 85 900.