Horsham police help switchover

Horsham police help with switchover
Horsham police help with switchover

HORSHAM POLICE Sergeant Sarah Friend has pledged to lend a Helping Hand to Horsham residents in the lead up to the digital switchover.

With only six weeks to go, officers are urging people to follow in Sarah’s footsteps and lend a helping hand to the vulnerable who may need help switching to digital.

Sarah said: “Digital switchover is happening in Horsham in March and even if you’re ready, you may have friends or neighbours who may be confused about what to do.

“The Switchover Help Scheme offers practical support to help older and disabled people convert one of their TV sets to digital.

“We can all do our bit and lend a helping hand by ensuring that the older and disabled people of our community know about the help they can receive from the Help Scheme.

“The services provided by the team to eligible people are very important to maintain entertainment and information services, particularly to housebound, elderly residents.

“We will be working closely with the Help Scheme networkers to ensure that the scheme is rolled out smoothly and safely for our residents.”

The Midhurst transmitter serving much of West Sussex will begin to switch to digital on February 29 2012.

Local Help Scheme representative Fiona Wellings is staging an event to spread the ‘Helping Hand’ campaign.

For more information visit Horsham Library in Tanbridge Way on Monday January 30 between 10am and 3.30pm.