Horror as store targeted twice in two nights

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The family of a long-standing Horsham business spoke of their horror after men attempted to break into their shop twice in two days.

Premier Essentials Convenience Store in Rusper Road said it was targeted by would-be thieves over the weekend.

Reena Parashar, whose family own the store, said a man was spotted just before 4am on Saturday on the shop’s CCTV trying to break in through a fire exit.

She said: “He tried to pick through the lock with a weapon. He then tried to get into the house, then realised the door was locked.”

She said the footage showed him carrying a chisel and a claw hammer.

“Then he went back to the fire exit door and tried and tried but couldn’t get through. He was there for a good 45 to 50 minutes.”

He left the scene empty handed.

However, Reena said on Sunday evening, at about 10.45pm, two men were spotted again on CCTV trying to break through the same door.

She believed one of the men was the same person who tried to break-in the previous day.

“Because my mum made them aware there were people in the house they left,” she said.

“We have been here since 2005 but this is probably one of the scariest things that has happened.

“It’s really frightening. We come back at different times in the evening when it is dark. I am a bit scared to go back in there when it’s a bit dark.”

The family have shared the CCTV with the police and have encouraged anyone with information to report it to officers.