Guilty verdicts in Crawley and Horsham Hunt case

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ALL THREE remaining defendants in the Crawley and Horsham Hunt court case have been found guilty of illegal foxhunting.

They had all been accused of hunting a wild mammal with dogs, breaking the Hunting Act 2004.

Andrew Phillis, 50, of Halwell, Totnes, Devon, was found guilty on two counts, but not guilty on a third.

Rachael Holdsworth, 47, of Rock Road, Washington was found guilty on two counts, while Neill Millard, 45, of Dragons Lane, Shipley, was found guilty on one count.

District Judge Stephen Nicholls announced the verdicts at Haywards Heath Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Holdsworth and Millard were each fined £1,000, and ordered to pay £2,500 legal costs each.

Phillis is likely to be sentenced later this week.