Fishers Farm Park owner’s brush with hooded burglars

Tim Rollings at the scene of the break-in
Tim Rollings at the scene of the break-in

Wisborough Green tourist attraction Fishers Farm Park was targeted by burglars in the early hours of July 26 morning, police report.

Intruders disconnected or vandalised the site’s security lights, broke a window, and raided a cash till drawer.

Two hooded figures were caught on Fishers Farm’s CCTV cameras at 3.06am, and set off the intruder alarm as they were moving around the buildings.

Fishers Farm Park owner Tim Rollings went into the premises at approximately 3.10am to check what had triggered the alarm.

However, after a quick look around the buildings and car park, everything appeared to be in order.

It was only when staff arrived for work on Thursday morning that it became obvious that the premises had been burgled.

Mr Rollings, who is recuperating from a five-hour heart procedure, said: “Occasionally we get false alarms, so I wasn’t overly concerned looking around at quarter past three, however this morning, studying the CCTV, I realised I must have missed them by a whisker, which was not a very nice feeling.”

General manager Mel McAlpine said the lost cash and damage have set them back by up to £1,000.

She praised the police and PCSOs who had dealt with their case: “They were prompt, efficient and gave us hope of catching the thieves,” she said.