EXCLUSIVE: Friend battled to save Steyning woman’s life after fall

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A FISHMONGER has told how he tried in vain to save an elderly woman who fell from the window of her flat in Steyning High Street.

Chris Morgan, who named the woman as friend Cathy Short, said she died after falling from the first floor window above Lloyds TSB yesterday morning.

Mr Morgan was setting up for the day at his shop nearby and told the County Times: “Cathy was leaning out of the window over the entrance to the bank. She was hanging right out at the point of teetering sort of thing.

“She came out of the window and landed on the pavement head first.

“There was a chap out there with his dog who was in a bit of a state but he managed to ring through on his mobile to the ambulance people.

“He asked me to take the phone because he couldn’t cope with talking to them and the lady on the phone asked me to give CPR to Cathy.

“I gave her the hand on hand CPR and basically I did that until the paramedics arrived. There was a lot of blood from her head injuries.”

Sadly, the 84-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene, he added.

“She just wouldn’t breath or she just stopped. The paramedic said it’s nothing you have or haven’t done, it’s the head injury that’s caused the death. It was very upsetting really.

“When the policeman arrived he covered her over with a tarpaulin.

“I have known her a long, long time. We’ve been here 40 years and she’s been opposite the same sort of time.”

Mr Morgan said she was an occasional customer but more of a friend describing her as ‘very friendly’ and ‘eccentric’.

He said the pavement was initially cordoned off before a section of the road.

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