Domestic violence addressed

An anti-domestic violence campaign was launched on Sunday, to co-incide with international White Ribbon Day.

The Crimestoppers campaign will be promoted during November and December by a range of media, including countywide broadcasts on Heart FM.

Crimestoppers Sussex area manager, Carolyn Randall said: “We have used statements from domestic violence victims to create a really powerful message which will feature on posters, on the radio and even on sugar sachets. Our aim is to encourage people to come forward and pass on their suspicions about a crime which all too frequently goes unreported until it is too late.”

Peter James, bestselling crime novelist and co-patron of Sussex Crimestoppers, said: “Henry David Thoreau wrote about people ‘living lives of quiet desperation’, and for no one is that more true than the victims of domestic violence. Their homes, that should be their sanctuaries become their prison, their loved ones their jailers and torturers. In our so-called enlightened society, no one should have to endure such conditions. Yet, tragically, thousands do.

The White Ribbon Day publicity is aimed at domestic violence against women, but this issue can affect anyone.

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