Cyclist chased and hit by 4x4 in Horsham

A CYCLIST fell victim to an ‘unprovoked attack’ when he was struck by a 4x4 on Wednesday October 12.

The 24-year-old man was cycling home from work at around 10.15pm when the incident took place at Farthings Hill Roundabout, Horsham.

The vehicle is reported to have chased the victim before swerving and hitting him off his bike.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “The man got to the roundabout at Tanbridge School where he got off his cycle and pushed it up the hill because of road works.

“He noticed a silver jeep 4x4-type vehicle parked on the footpath in Old Guildford Road, and on passing it noticed three white men inside.

“He picked up his bike and carried it past the vehicle and noticed three white males inside.

“Once safely past the vehicle he leant his bike up against a hedge and went back to the vehicle to ask the males to move their vehicle from the footpath. As he approached the car it was driven away onto the Farthings Hill Roundabout and he thought nothing of this so got back on his cycle and went on his way.

“But once at the top of the road the victim rode onto the cycle path going across the roundabout. He had cycled three quarters of the way around the Farthings Hill roundabout outside the Shell garage when he noticed car headlights coming towards him.

“The vehicle was approximately five metres away from him and he feared that it was going to hit him so he left the carraigeway and mounted the grass verge.

“The victim stood up on his pedals so he could jump from his bike but before he could the front driver’s side of the car hit him causing him to fall from his cycle.

“The car drove back onto the roundabout and headed either back to Horsham on the A281 or the A24 towards Southwater.”

Police describe the driver as white with short cropped brown hair, clean shaven and of large build. He was reported to be wearing a grey or white hoody.

The front seat passenger is also described as white, with long black hair combed to one side and clean shaven.

PC Emily Kemp said; “The victim describes the vehicle as the same one he had seen blocking the footpath.

“He luckily has no injuries in what seems to be an unprovoked attack, but his cycle is damaged beyond repair.

“This could have been a very serious incident and we would like to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time and saw what happened, or believes they may know who these three men are.

“Please contact us via 0845 60 70 999 quoting serial 1698 of October 12.”