Child snatcher rumours false

RUMOURS of a child snatcher at Tesco’s in Broadbridge Heath today are false, say Horsham Police.

A post on the Horsham Facebook Page today read: “Attention to all Parents !!!!!! I just had a phone call from a friend saying a Middle aged woman who was smartly dressed tried to snatch a child from tesco’s in Horsham today !! Police are warning all the supermarkets as she’s not been caught and could try this again so please let everyone know about this !! Xx”

But Sergeant Sarah Friend, of Horsham Police, quashed the rumours by commenting: “This post has just been bought to my attention. There has been no such incident reported to the Police today.”

However, she told the County Times that security staff at the supermarket reported ‘suspicious activity’ from an elderly lady on Wednesday November 9.

“There was an incident involving a female in Tescos two days ago that we are looking into but as yet we have had no first hand reports made to us,” she said.