Cars targeted by thieves in vehicle break-in spate

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A warning has been issued following a spate of thefts from parked cars across Horsham.

Police said several vehicles had been broken into in residential roads around the town over the past few weeks. Thieves have stolen whatever property they find inside.

Officers have launched Operation Blackout to tackle the issue and are warning residents to make sure their cars are secure.

Sergeant Adam Ferries, of the Horsham neighbourhood policing team, said: “We have had some success with our investigations, but we would still ask motorists to reduce the risk of becoming victims by removing, or at least concealing, any valuables; ensuring doors and windows are secure, and parking in brightly-lit areas.”

“We’re also encouraging anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious, or who is unfortunate enough to become a victim of theft themselves, to report it to police immediately using 999. Other information that may be of help can be sent online or by phoning 101.”

A 50-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of vehicle interference in Rusper Road, Horsham, and reported for summons.

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