Burglars take cash from Fishers Farm Park

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Burglars broke into Fishers Farm Park near Wisborough Green in the early hours of yesterday morning (Thursday July 26) and stole money.

Just after 3am a window was broken and forced and a locked, secure till drawer containing cash was stolen.

Security lighting was disconnected and vandalised.

The Farm alarm was activated as the intruders moved around the buildings.

Fortunately the two hooded intruders were caught on CCTV, which has been handed over to the police.

Fishers Farm Park owner Tim Rollings entered the premises at approximately 3.10am to check what had triggered the alarm and after a quick initial look around the buildings and car park, everything appeared to be in order.

It wasn’t until the staff arrived for work yesterday (Thursday) morning that it became obvious that the premises had been burgled.

Mr Rollings, who is recuperating from a five hour heart procedure, said: “occasionally we get false alarms, so I wasn’t overly concerned looking around at quarter past three. However, this morning, studying the CCTV, I realised I must have missed them by a whisker, which was not a very nice feeling.”