Burglaries in Horsham district

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Details of recent burglaries carried out in the Horsham district have been released by police.

Dial Post

Bentons Lane - between 9.45am-3.15pm, Thursday October 6.

Entry gained through smashed window and forced lock. Jewellery stolen.


Windmill Close - between 8am-5pm, Sunday October 2.

Unknown how entry was gained. Nothing stolen but items moved in the house


Greenfield Way - between 1.30-9pm on Friday September 30

A back door was smashed and jewellery stolen.

Downsview Avenue - between September 17 and October 1.

Attempt to smash patio doors and window, no entry gained.


Littlehaven Lane - between 10am-11am on Saturday October 1.

Entry gained through insecure door nothing stolen believed suspect was disturbed and fled.

Hurst Road - between 11pm-4.50 Monday October 3.

Door forced to gain entry handbag and car stolen.

Woodlands Way - 12.50pm Monday October 1.

Someone tried to break in, suspect seen on patio but no entry gained.

Manor Road - between 10.35am- 1.15pm.

Forced entry through door TV and cash stolen.

Morrell Avenue - between 11.30am-1.45pm.

Entry through window, high value camera equipment stolen.