Bottle top collection raises cash for Horsham project

Picture by Craig Potter
Picture by Craig Potter
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PLASTIC milk bottle tops have led to £133.20 being raised for the Springboard Project in Horsham.

Ann and Andy Potter have been co-ordinating a recycling of plastic milk bottle tops scheme in aid of the charity.

Ann was recently presented with a certificate from Springboard for their hard work.

They would like to thank everyone who collects the tops for them (inside the lids is printed the recycling triangle with the following numbers 2, 4, 02, 04).

This is an on-going collection and anyone wishing to support it can either drop the tops off at 23 Macleod Road, Horsham, or contact to discuss someone picking them up.

Not only is money being collected for a good cause but the milk bottle tops are not going into the landfill sites – the tops get ground down, made into pellets and sold on to companies who make new items such as children’s slides.

Used postage stamps can also be left for SANDS - the stillbirth and neonatal death charity at East Surrey Hospital, Redhill.