Booze seized from underage drinkers

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THIS impressive haul of booze was seized by police from youths holding a 16th birthday party on a village playing field.

Officers were called on Friday at around 8pm to the large gathering on Slinfold Football Club’s field, off Hayes Lane.

A statement from police said: “It was reported that there was underage drinking, and upon police arrival the youths were observed pitching a tent and pulling down a tree so it could be used as a bonfire.

“Once the group realised that they had been spotted by the police they scattered throughout a wooded area trying to hide the alcohol that they had with them.

“It was established that the gathering was a 16th birthday party and that there was no adult supervision. The majority of them were from outside of the village. A large quantity of alcohol was seized by the police and due to the verbal abuse directed at them the group were instructed to disperse. The group continued to cause a nuisance in the village and the police were called again and had to remain in the area until they finally left.”

PC Darren Worsfold, who attended the incident, said: “This group were clearly intent on getting drunk judging from the amount of alcohol we seized and poured away. There was a total disregard to the residents of the village and property as they were happy to damage the woodland and playing field in order to light a fire.

“I was appalled at the level of verbal abuse that was directed at the police, particularly by the 16-year-old whose party it was, and I am sure that their parents would be ashamed of their behaviour. Fortunately, the party was dispersed before any major damage was caused and there was not the level of drunkenness that would normally be expected.”