All smiles as town unites for Lily-Fay

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A HORSHAM mum has said how a new pram has given her back her life.

As reported in the County Times on July 7, Kelly Parfitt, 23, of Newbridge Close in Broadbridge Heath went to take her nine month old daughter, Lily-Fay, to Crawley hospital for a check-up when she noticed her car had been broken into and a pram, car seat and camera with sentimental photos had been taken.

Lily-Fay was born with a birth defect which means that some of her internal organs are fused together, a condition that affects one in 100,000 people. Because of her condition, she has undergone many major operations.

It can be uncomfortable for her to sit down and the pram, one of only 250 made in the country, enables her to lie down.

Since the theft, local people have shown their caring side and tried to help Kelly in any way they can.

We reported on July 14 how Horsham Matters had donated Kelly a pram until she could find a suitable replacement and how money raised from a meat raffle at The Blue Ship pub, The Haven in Billingshurst was to go towards buying a new pram, which Kelly has since received.

Kelly, and her mum Debbie met Colin and Sue Cathie, landlord and landlady, and Sooty Rutterford, who each Sunday without fail sells the raffle tickets for the meat draw. It was here that they presented Kelly with the new pram and combined pushchair.

She said: “It is just amazing, I cannot thank them enough. It is also a top of the range one so they really put some thought into it.

“They have just given me back my life. Me and Lily can go for walks, she can sleep in there it’s made things go back to some sort of normality.”

The single mum has said how she aims to visit the pub every Sunday so she can update them on Lily’s progress. She said: “It’s just nice to have someone else to talk to, if I need it.”

The camera and medical books are still missing and Kelly said she desperately wants them back: “I won’t press charges if someone just hands in the memory stick and books.

“They are of no use to anyone else.”