1,100 uninsured cars seized by police


More than 1,100 cars across the county, on the road without insurance, have been seized by Sussex Police and taken into storage this year.

Among them have been sports cars including a Porsche Boxster and a Lotus Elise as well as a series of luxury vehicles including a £40,000 Range Rover and an Audi A6.

Now, anyone caught driving without insurance from tomorrow (Friday August 16) faces a fine of up to £300, up from £200 currently.

The car owners need to show proof they have insurance, at a cost of £150 plus £20 per day the vehicles are seized and in storage.

The force must keep the cars for 14 days for the owner to claim them, meaning it can cost the owner more than £550 to get them back if they wait for two weeks - on top of the fine for having no insurance in the first place.

While the majority of vehicles seized have been claimed this year, more than 280 have been disposed of, mainly through being scrapped.

All money from fines issued for driving without insurance goes to the Government, not Sussex Police.

Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney said: “Those who think they can save some cash each month by not getting insured always seem shocked when they see their vehicles being towed away.

“Not only is driving without insurance a crime, it will cost you hundreds of pounds when we catch you - so get insurance now.”

You can check if you have valid insurance on your vehicle by visiting www.askMID.com for free.

If you know of a vehicle that is being driven without insurance visit www.operationcrackdown.org or call 01243 642222.