Cranleigh’s police station to be closed

CRANLEIGH’s police station will close in April as Surrey Police continues to reduce the budget deficit.

Cranleigh is home to three neighbourhood officers and five staff and receives an average of four visitors a day.

Due to the low footfalls, Surrey Police has decided to stop front counter services at the station from April.

Although counter services will stop, officers will continue working from these buildings until new local bases are in place.

Offices at Haslemere and Farnham in Surrey, will also stop front counter services.

Waverley Neighbourhood Inspector Tom Budd said: “Waverley is a large borough and I want to reassure people that we are not talking about removing officers from our streets. Local teams will still be out patrolling the same areas they do now and will retain local bases.

“It is also important people are clear that this does not affect emergency response teams in Waverley which are separate from neighbourhood teams.

“They remain on patrol 24 hours a day across the borough and will continue to operate as normal. The main change is to front counter services which remain available at Godalming and via the mobile front counter service.

“By making these changes we can invest in more frontline police for the borough. Waverley will benefit from a further three police constables for the Neighbourhood Support Team to add to the existing sergeant and three police constables already introduced.

“A detective constable will also join the team to add investigative support. In addition a Youth Intervention Officer and two dedicated Roads Police Community Support Officers are being added to Waverley.”

Surrey Police say it remains committed to the target of recruiting an additional 200 police constables with almost 100 added in the last year and plans for 100 more by 2012.

Chief Constable Mark Rowley said: “Already we have made cuts to the number of senior leaders and back-office staff in a bid to balance our books and strengthen the frontline.

“We are also in a position where some of our buildings no longer meet the needs of modern policing. By sharing premises with local authorities and moving into cheaper alternatives we can save costs and help to reach our target of increasing the number of officers on the streets by up to 200.”

For more information visit or call 0845 125 2222.